Occupation: Illegal hunter and womaniser (laughs)

Worked in the coal mine for many years


8 children, 3 of whom have already died

18 grandchildren

??? Great-grandchildren (I don’t know!)

His wife Maria (93) is from Sicily, he met her during his military service. He decided to marry her due to her beautiful breasts. Vittorio’s mother never approved of this decision, so, out of anger, Vittorio had an obituary sent to her in order to punish her.

After the wedding, Maria and Vittorio lived with Vittorio’s mother and had to sleep on the bare floor. Vittorio couldn’t stand it and started hunting wild boar with his rifle. With the money from selling the meat, he was able to buy his wife and himself a bed. Since then he goes hunting almost every night – hunting is his second great passion next to women!

Even at almost 100 years old, he still hunts and drives his Fiat Panda in the mountains. He has just renewed his driving licence – he doesn’t need glasses!

His recipe for a long life: „Eat little, work a lot, always smile!“

Vittorio doesn’t eat meat, although he hunts.

photo: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff