Born in 1966, married, one son
For 25 years photographer with worldwide experience
Languages: French, Spanish, English, German fluently

Interview with the photographer

What experiences do you have?

Many and worldwide – from Japanese magazines like HI FASHION to Mercedes and Pierre Cardin.

How did you get to photography?

I have successfully turned my passion and hobby into my profession.

What did you study and where did you study?

I studied art history in Montpellier, southern France, in order to be able to deal with the image structure in detail. The artistic aspect in photography is much more important to me than technology, which should only be a means to an end.

Which camera do you use?

Since the beginning I work completely with Nikon cameras and am very satisfied with it. Currently I have several Nikon D5 and D3S in my camera case. Furthermore, I have complete light and video equipment.

What inspires you?

I find my inspirations above all in nature and in art exhibitions and art books. Beautiful light outside the ordinary excites me a lot, I like experimenting with it at the limit of the technical possibilities.

What exactly do you want to capture in your photos?

Pure life – the beautiful moments. I do not believe in fakes and artificial photos – I appreciate the simple things in life and I want to capture these beautiful things and give them to the youth. A book tip on this: „The simple life“ by the German poet Ernst Wichert.

Who do you work for?

For almost all German mail-order and department stores as well as for French, Swiss and Brazilian customers. The complete list of references can be found on my website under Booking.

What do you expect from your assistants? What do your assistants expect from you?

Curiosity, flexibility, above-average commitment, teamwork. The photo works only as well as the worst team member, and that’s where the assistant belongs! The assistant should also receive the same recognition for his work as Models & Photographer or Art Director! Everyone in the team is equally important and valuable!

An excellent photograph is more random or needs to be planned carefully?

In fashion and in advertising, good preparation and organization is important – the random photos are then created as part of the planned shoot – if you know how to use the moment fast enough and the customer is flexible enough. But the team just has to be in the right place at the right time and ready to go, otherwise nothing works.

What will be your next big (self-) mission, your next important project?

Photos in the style of great artists such as Klimt and Schiele – the project has been in my head since the visit to the Klimt exhibition in Venice and awaits its realization.

Who would you like to take a picture of? For which brand do you have an immediate idea – in the form of a picture?

I would have liked to photograph Fidel Castro. I have many ideas, I would like to do tourism advertising for Asian countries, so I have ideas churning out! Or fashion shots with dancers instead of models!

What do you never want to do – as a photographer?

Promote aggression, brutality and stupidity! Photos with weapons! Cheap pornography! People – and animal – despising photos! Child-hostile photos and photos for brands that want to take advantage of children! Casting shows like Top Model! Cheap soap operas without content!

Since when can you live well as a photographer on your income?

For over 25 years. Through constant quality and a very good price-performance ratio, I have loyal customers even in times of crisis, in Germany, France, Switzerland and worldwide.

In which city in the world is it best to live as a photographer and why exactly there? And of course: where do you live today?

Everyone has to decide for themselves. I lived and worked in Paris for a long time. Now we live in Germany in nature, 40 minutes outside of Cologne and Bonn and enjoy it.

Time for children and family?

Yes, more than office workers. In the season, I often spend weeks in Asia, America and the Caribbean, but then I’m 100% in Germany with the family.

Your biggest success so far?

The German and the Japanese calendar price for my project with seniors over 100 years old. The title „Catalog of the Year “ with Deerberg Mail Order.

Which of your abilities is most helpful to you in your work?

All together – knowledge of human nature, my foreign languages, organizational talent, budget responsibility, technology – it must be an interaction of everything, otherwise there will be no success!

What do you have to be able to be a photographer?

Being curious – on people, places, countries – just about everything! And please without prejudice!

When you photograph people, what are you looking at – and what is not? What is important to you when taking photos?

On the people and their emotions – I want to capture them in the pictures. Natural – no posing or stiff situations.

Which job did you like the most so far – and why?

Two weeks road-shoot in Namibia – camping in the desert, no luxury, only pure nature. We were just on the shoot – a great experience in the team.

How do you make important decisions?

Out of the belly – and sleep on it for at least one night!

What significance does status, prestige, recognition and success have for you?

A little meaning – I have moments with good friends and with the family more valuable than an expensive sports car in the garage.

Finally, what great passions do you have besides photography?

World Music – Concerts – everything that is not commercial! And traveling – there are so many beautiful and interesting places in the world and nice people everywhere!

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