José Ramiro Guadamuz Chavarria is a true horse whisperer. You could even say he grew up on the back of these animals. He learned to ride at the age of four. And even today, 96 years later, he sits in the saddle for several hours every day to inspect his herd of cattle. His animals are not just his profession but his vocation. Every morning, José Ramiro Guadamuz Chavarria gets up at five o’clock and rides to his cows to feed them. Between his meals, he spends time with the herd. He loves his animals more than anything and is sure that he will continue riding as long as it is God’s will. However, the 100 year old is not only a horse whisperer but also a woman whisperer. „To seduce women, you have to be able to talk beautifully,“ the charmer reveals. He has had many girlfriends and has always enjoyed going to parties. He still enjoys partying with friends and receiving lady visitors in the meantime. His passion and at the same time message to the youth is to enjoy life to the fullest. He even has a special piece of advice for women: „don’t let them put you at the cooker!“ José Ramiro Guadamuz Chavarria is an epicure through and through. That’s why he can’t pinpoint a single moment when he was happiest. His happiest moments are all the minutes of his life. And it is precisely in this appreciation that his secret to old age lies within this.

photos: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff