St. Wendel/Saarland

Sporty centenarian:

Played tennis actively until 2017 (all fellow players have now passed away).

Skied a lot, especially in Ischgl – it’s a wonderful skiing area!

Hiked a lot in the mountains,

cross-country skiing now and then,

lots of swimming, lots of work as a housewife.

Still does everything herself and lives by herself in her big house.

Occupation: Financial accountant, attended the public school of Villeroy & Boch until the upper tertiary level, then chose the commercial branch instead of the lyceum. Ms Schirra worked parallel to school in her uncle’s car dealership and passed her exams early after the second year.


2 children

2 grandchildren

The grandfather was a coachman in Sankt Gangolf, the mother a cook. 

„My brother was born in 1924, he passed away last year, that leaves a big gap for me.“

Her recipe for a long life: „always be honest and sincere and stand by people! Foods and drinks certainly play a role. Your attitude makes a big difference!“

„My grandson experiences that his grandma can do anything and will stop at nothing.“

photos: René Schwerdtel for Stern/ Gruner & Jahr