(101 years old in the photo)


Dominga lives with her two sisters in an old but very well-maintained house in Matanzas, the northwest of Cuba. Sister Fermina is 85 years old in the photo, Sister Josefina is 88, and Dominga almost 102.

Dominga worked as a domestic servant and nanny. From this work she has a foster son who lives in Costa Rica and supports her. To survive, she sewed, washed, and ironed for the neighbours.

The pleasant and cheerful woman likes to write poetry and reciting rhymes and shake verses with a lot of wisdoom or moral background – she knows most of them by heart. The agile woman is very popular in the neighborhood. Her favourite dish is maize, no matter what kind.

Dominga has no children – „I’m still a virgin! And I’m proud of it!“ she lets me know.

photos: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff