To some, his name will sound familiar: Adolfo Melis is part of the world record family with the most 100-year-old family members, one of his 7 siblings died at the age of 108. However, this is not the only reason the man born in October 1923 is an admirable person; it is also due to his tireless drive even with an old age. After working as a farm labourer for many years, he has been working as a waiter in his own bar since 1958 – until today! Every morning, before he goes to his bar and prepares everything for the early shift, he prays. This ritual means a lot to him. It reminds him of one of the most beautiful moments in his life, when he prayed the rosary for the first time as a small child and found God that way. That is why he also attaches great importance to going to church every day. Afterwards, he devotes the rest of the day to his bar. Adolfo Melis especially likes to pass on to his guests what he himself has learned in life: to be friendly and polite towards others. Anyway, his real secret for a long life is to eat little, have an occasional glass of wine with friends and not to hold grudges.

photos: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff