Exceptional athlete with 144 medals at world, European and German championships since he retired at 65, including 95 gold medals in throwing disciplines alone.

In his younger years he was a gymnast, then he boxed light heavyweight for the police sports club in Hamburg.

During the war, he served as a non-commissioned officer at the front, tank destroyer and sniper.

In 1988, as a guest marksman, he was awarded the golden badge of the Bundeswehr as best marksman of the year.

After the war, football midfielder for Switzerland in Wettingen.

Midfielder in the Hungarian national team against England.

World champion in the men’s 4 x 200m relay.

„I was robust and stable, I ALWAYS got the ball.“

Since retirement, Paul Nobbe has devoted himself to the throwing disciplines of shot, discus, javelin, and hammer – „that’s where I get my gold“, winning 4 – 5 medals at every European or World Championships.

He has his own training programme with 70 exercises that he does regularly throughout the month.

Profession: 3 times engineer (precision mechanic, mechanical engineer, welding engineer and aluminium engineer)

Wife Brigitta is from Sweden, the couple commutes between their homes in Sweden and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Hobby: gardening, passionate Leica photographer


3 children

6 grandchildren

4 great-grandchildren

0 great-great-grandchildren

„I’ve always had a bit of luck!“

Photos: René Schwerdtel