*02.02.1918 (on the photo at the age of 101)

5 sons

1 daughter

14 grandchildren

20 great-grandchildren

Until a few years ago, Marianna lived alone until she had an unfortunate fall and broke her hip. Since then, her 82-year-old son has been living with her.

Marianna is still very independent and sets the tone at home – everyone in the family does what she says!

She built her house herself with her husband out of clay and straw and she is very proud to have bequeathed a house to each of her sons. Her husband was a shepherd. To feed themselves, they also had to collect coal in the mountains, which they then exchanged for food in the village.

She gave her gold wedding ring to Mussolini after reading the government’s appeal for donations. Mussolini’s wife Danna Rachele asked her to enrol her husband in the fascist party so that he could have a chance at well-paid work.

Happy moments: When she was young, the village girls would sing together in a big circle and one would tap a rhythm on a cooking pot.

In the past she only had bread, cheese, and occasionally goat meat, but today Marianna enjoys being able to eat everything.

photo: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff