Kurt Gigler is unstoppable. He would prefer to still be in work today. As a former banker, finance and accounting are his speciality. Before his retirement, he worked at the Kreissparkasse Siegburg in the head office for finance. During his career, he also gained other experiences. As he was registered with the labour service, he was drafted one day in East Prussia to take part in the French campaign. To this day, he is grateful that he did not have to shoot at anyone during that war as a radio operator. When he looks back on such moments of his past, he realises how much things have changed over time. The abundance in which our society lives today did not exist back then. In this context, he remembers exactly the words of a farmer who once said to him: „What should I do with the money? I can’t make soup with it and the pigs won’t eat it.“ In life, other values count. But Kurt Gigler does not have a concrete recipe for growing old. He says: „It just happened that way.“

photos: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff