called „Chepe-Nica“

(was born in Nicaragua, that’s where the nickname „Nica“ comes from, emigrated to Costa Rica at the age of 15)


José de la Cruz Espinosa has experienced first-hand that life sometimes has much more in store for you than you think. Ten years ago, he bought a coffin in anticipation of his death. Ever since, it has stood in his bedroom and even had to be repaired. The now 106 year old is still as agile and full of joy of life as he was back then. He gets up every morning at five o’clock and likes to visit the senior citizens‘ meeting place at the day care centre to be with his friends. At least until the time when the day care had to be closed due to the Corona pandemic. He is all the more grateful to be living with his wife and two of his daughters, Rosa and Esperanza. José de la Cruz Espinosa was born in Nicaragua and still bears the nickname „Chepe-Nica“, a reminder of his birthplace. He emigrated to Costa Rica at the age of 15. When the former farmer and well digger thinks of his past, he remembers how much he enjoyed boxing in competitions back then. Whenever someone would ask who the strongest man was, his name would fall. You can still see this strength in him today. When asked what the reason for his old age is, he is certain that it his respect for God’s laws.

photos: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff