A long life seems to run in Salvatore Porcu’s family. His older brother shows a proud age of 103 – and Salvatore Porcu himself was born in September 1919. However, this vitality is anything but self-evident. At the age of 61 he suffered a heart attack that changed his life. The doctors advised him to stop smoking urgently and also to give up coffee and wine to a large extent. For every glass of wine, he should walk five kilometres, according to his family doctor’s prescription. The 101-year-old has taken this prescription seriously for forty years now. Every evening he walks ten kilometers to the village to enjoy two glasses of red wine with his friends. These marches in the fresh air keep his body healthy. This is especially important since a serious fall on his head, which he suffered at the age of 90. Although he has only been partially responsive since then, his positive attitude towards life and his strong mentality are noticeable throughout his entire charisma.

Photos: René Schwerdtel for Wissner-Bosserhoff